By Wikked

It seems like every day there’s another hundred opinion piece articles about “Where Have All the Good Men Gone?” or some such. And always, it’s a woman bemoaning her inability to find a man who will shower her with gifts, give her ALL of his time, attention, and money, and basically be nothing except her slave. They don’t actually SAY it quite like that, but anyone who’s seen more than one of these pieces and knows how to decipher femspeak knows that that’s exactly what they mean.

Or the ever-popular Man-Up articles trying to tell us we should be happy, even EAGER, to wife up a 30-something who has a couple of junior thugs by a couple of different thugs. Don our capes and play Captain Save-A-Ho. Again, be a happy little slave who turns his entire paycheck over to her, let’s her make all the decision in the relationship, etc.

What utter rot.

However, let’s just suppose for a minute that perhaps one of these women isn’t crying about her lack of slave, but rather actually wants what she thinks she’s saying she wants. So, where HAVE all the good men gone?

My question is, where are the women that DESERVE the ‘good men’?

Where are the women who didn’t spend their teens and 20’s ‘dating’ (read: having sex with) every scumbag, lowlife, thug, and loser that crossed their path?

Where are the women that didn’t get knocked up a couple times by these same scumbags, lowlifes, thugs, and losers?

Where are the women who didn’t ride the Cock Carousel as hard and as fast as they could until they were violently ejected sometime around 28-30, hit the wall hard and developed a serious case of Baby Rabies?

Where are the women who are actually capable of loving a man for who he is, rather than what kind of goodies she can get from him?

Where are the women who see marriage and family as an equal partnership, instead of a chance for her to sit around and do nothing all day, spend all the money their husband makes, bitch and moan about everything under the sun, cheat on him when she gets bored, and then dump all her pre-marital debt on him AND take everything he has and most of what he WILL ever have?

Where are those women?

They don’t exist anymore. Feminism has seen to that. Feminism has destroyed all of the instututions, traditions, attitudes, whatever you want to call it, that produced good women. Women who were capable of overcoming female nature. Women who were worthy of a Good Man.

Those of us that AREN’T lowlifes, thugs, scumbags, and losers have adapted. We’ve been put down, treated like garbage, ignored, laughed at, and friendzoned. And we’ve had it. We’re done.

Women want to talk about “A REAL man would (insert action that only benefits a woman)”….NO woman can EVER speak for what ANY man would do, EVER. Just like I can never describe what menstrual cramps feel like. Any time a women says “A real man would…”, you know the next words out of her mouth are going to be some completely selfish tripe.

No real man wants to raise someone else’s kids. No real man wants to be a slave to the attitudes and desires of a woman. No real man wants to spend his time with someone who doesn’t respect him and he probably doesn’t respect either. No real man wants to gamble his future on the fickle creatures that pass for women nowadays.

You want to know where the good men are? I think one of the posters at a forum I frequent said it best: “The prey has been hunted to extinction, and its habitat destroyed”.

My guess is, they’re hunting jotunn, taking a break every now and again to feed the wandering herd of unicorns, having a few pints with the gang of leprechaun down the street, and hanging out with their buddies and the Good Women.

Stop bitching about ‘Where are all the good men’. You’re responsible for the current state of relations between the sexes. You’ve created the environment that makes Good Men not want to get involved with women. You did it. Not us.

Bed. Made. Lie.