Thursday, July 25, 2013

Understanding is not Treason

Yes, I haven't been writing much lately. Work has me all over the place, and I've been spending more time fishing, hanging out with several of my siblings, going to the lakes and rivers, that kind of thing. You know, LIVING. :)

So anyway, the only female I work with told one of the other guys, who then repeated it to me, that I "think I'm some kind of Ladies Man".


Remember the military intelligence guys in World War II that studied the Japanese? They learned their language, learned about their culture, the way they think, all that good stuff. And they broke the codes of the Imperial Japanese Navy. They probably had more to do with us defeating the Japanese Empire than anyone else.

Would you call them traitors, because they studied, knew, and understood the enemy?

That's what I feel like I was called. A traitor. Because I understand the enemy.

I was dragged into a war I didn't want, with someone that I didn't consider (at the time) to be my enemy. Once I realized a war was on, I went guerrilla. And I've been studying my enemy, learning how they think.

Learning the best ways to hurt them and live to fight another day.

I don't consider myself a pimp, player, PUA, Ladies Man, or whatever your description of choice is. I've gone out with ONE woman since the beginning of April, and that ended up not going anywhere because I called the hamster on its bullshit. And I'm fine with that.

I don't think I'm the gods' gift to women. I know I'm not a hideous troll, but obviously I'm not in the Top 5% of men that women will bother with before they enter Wallet-Seeking Mode, either. And I'm fine with that.

I know there's a good chance she was playing and being her usual smartass self (she's one of maybe a handful of women I've worked with that was actually enjoyable to work with), but still....for some reason that comment kinda bothers me.

I'm not a traitor, and that's what I feel like I was called.

In more important news, I really need to put my other fishing pole in my car. The rig I have setup for catching pike isn't doing so well with trout in the rivers and lakes I've been fishing. The line is too heavy for the lures that I have. My other rod has lighter line, this will work much better.

I caught a pathetically small lake trout yesterday. Too big to use as bait, too small to take a picture of. So small, the hook on the lure didn't do in his mouth, it caught him under the chin. I'm guessing he was trying to eat the colored part of the spinner and got too close to the hook.

I'll pick up my other pole this weekend. As well as do some more fishing up around Flathead Lake, and pick wild raspberries and huckleberries (if we can find any) with my sister and nephew.

Next week, the trout will hate me! Haha