Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shamelessly stolen post

One of the stages of grief is depression. Discovering that you've been lied to your entire life is certainly cause for grief. So part of the process of unplugging from the Matrix, leaving the plantation, taking the red pill, (pick your own metaphor), is, quite often, dealing with feelings of depression, sadness, whatever you want to call it. And it's not like it's a "One and done" kind of thing. At least, for me it hasn't been. It seems like I'm back and forth between depression, anger, and acceptance quite a bit. Denial was life until the red pill, and I there has been no bargaining. Once I woke up to reality, I knew that there was no way to get the lie back, so bargaining is pointless.

Dealing with the depression part of the cycle is hard. It's easier when you've got a community of men who are also awake to reality to talk to, but it's still difficult.

One of the members on a forum I frequent posted this, and I thought it bears repeating. I may SAY that I shamelessly stole it, but the truth is I'm not stealing it, since I won't even attempt to take credit for it. All credit goes to the poster whose handle is womanhater. This guy has been through some shit, that's for sure. He's one of the men who make me realize just how relatively unscathed I was through my marriage/divorce.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Womanhater's post, in all its glory.

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a few threads that have a depressed feel and theme to them. These are usually posted up by men who've realized the inescapable truth about the nature of the world and especially the station of men in it.

While it is certain that there is an initial shock when you come to understand that EVERYTHING you've been taught from birth is abject bullshit, this does not need to cripple you or depress you. You were born into an insane asylum which all the inmates insisted was in fact a five star beach resort. You tried for decades to believe it, but you finally just had to exclaim that the emperor has no fucking clothes - even if only to yourself in the solitude of your own mind.

But, this should not sadden or depress you brothers. Rather than being forced to live the life of a slave - giving endlessly, sacrificing your hopes and dreams on the altar of what some fucking duplicitous gash wants or to 'society' or 'the greater good' or 'your country' or whatever the fuck everyone else demands of you, you are instead liberated in a way that no generation of men has been since likely the times of the Vikings.

Embrace this knowledge. It has been hard fought and came at a terrible price by your brothers who gather here to share it with you. Those of us who've been through the family court ass raping, or have been the victims of false allegations, or who've had our children stolen away from us never to return give you these pearls of great price so that you might live as we ought to have.

There is no cause for sadness in learning that Santa is not real! For you've been given the Rosetta Stone in deciphering life on this planet. Instead, see that the scales ripped from your eyes allow you to see things as they truly are, and rather than hoping for fulfillment in the ways that all the miserable people around you advocate, instead strike out and pursue YOUR happiness. Follow YOUR dreams and hopes and aspirations! Let 100% of your labor benefit YOU.

Leave the parasites to themselves. You've no obligation to anyone who would lay claim on your life or your efforts or your wealth. You've no obligation to die on a foreign battlefield for a state that is your enemy. You've no obligation to fulfill the nesting instincts of a twat or to satiate some miserable fucking cunt's advanced case of baby rabies. You've no obligation or duty to prevent some carousel hopping womyn's studies major HR cunt from becoming a lonely barren spinster listening to her ovaries turn to dust.

Your only obligation is to the men who've enlightened you! Those men who've borne their pain and their suffering so that YOU may be saved have a claim on you - and because we are your brothers, all we demand in payment is that YOU live for YOURSELF! We demand that you live the lives we would have lived had this body of wisdom been available to us before we'd been ensnared in this evil system and toxic order.

Be joyous my brothers! You truly have been delivered from evil, and there is NO cause for anything but exceeding joy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another small post

I want to share a link with you today. It was posted on a forum I visit, and I think it's a pretty good read.

Maybe sometime soon I'll put my thoughts to writing. Why does it always seem like I get my best ideas when I'm working and unable to even write them down, let alone post them here? Ah well, it's all good. If I don't remember it later when I have a chance to type, then it obviously wasn't THAT great of an idea, was it?

Have a great day. I know I will. The plan right now is to spend the day playing Playstation, and probably go out tonight and see what I can find to do in the city I'm currently in.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hamster Time

I want to share with you all a post I made on a forum recently, and also expand on it since it's kind of short (though it's directly to the point).

I was responding to YET ANOTHER of those hamster-trot "Where Are All The Good Men?" piles of vomit disguised as 'articles' that pop up on the Interwebz and in magazines like dandelions after the rain.


From the 'article':
Men cannot live without feminine energy and if women raise their standards of who they share even their friendship with men will find it impossible to resist growing to meet them.

…but first men will become angry.

When that doesn’t work they will attempt whining.

When that doesn’t work they will try to negotiate.

When negotiating fails they will go back to anger disguised as passive aggressive silent treatment.

They will hold out for a short while and then attempt intensely personal insults.

My response

I'm not even going to get into the 'feminine energy/grrrrlp0WeR!' bullshit.

I will, however, point out that I am not the one that needs to grow. I am not the one that feels the absolute, overwhelming need for a long term, committed relationshit. In fact, if I NEVER have a committed relationshit again, I can die a happy man, having banged as many women as I want from now until they stick a tag on my toe.

Just because a gaggle of cunts somewhere have come up with an unrealistic list of 'standards' (more like a fucking Dream Sheet of Desires, but let's let that go for now) doesn't mean I have to make any changes to who I am, how I act, how I dress, what kind of shoes I wear, what kind of car I drive, who I hang out with.....nothing.

Twats need to remember something, something that I am going to spell out right here, right now, so it's nice and simple:

I am the motherfuckin prize. Me. Not you. You're the who needs the relationshit; I'm the one that doesn't give a shit. You're the one that might as well have been stamped out of dough with a cookie cutter; you're the exact same as 100 million other cunts in the US, and all of you have less personality than the pizza that I'm eating as I write this. I, on the other hand, can GUAR-AN-fucking-TEE you won't meet anyone like me, anywhere, ever. I'm the one who will work, trade, or otherwise provide for myself for my entire life. You are the one who wants to be taken care of, and will stop working as soon as you possibly can.

You cunts are not the prize, and the sooner you get that through your heads, the quicker you adapt to it and change yourselves, the happier you will be.

Just not with me. I refuse to do the marriage bullshit again, I don't care WHAT kind of positive changes are made to the laws. One gash for the rest of my life? Fuck that.

There are a few things that I forgot to mention in my reply. I was eating dinner at the time, so I was kind of distracted by pizza. Not that that's a valid excuse, mind you; just a statement of fact. Here's another: I really like pizza.


The dumb gash that wrote this article is doing this thing called projection. She projecting HER thoughts, feelings, likely actions, etc., onto someone else. In this case, men. She's also absolutely wrong. Let'slook at this piece by piece.

Men cannot live without feminine energy

False. Most men PREFER to not have to deal with the bitching, nagging, and general cuntiness that is this alleged 'feminine energy'. We put up with twats for one reason, and one reason only: sex.

If a man wants intelligent conversation, he talks to another man. Women are not intelligent. Some of them THINK they are, and some of them may be book smart, educated, etc. Education does not equal intelligence, however. And just because you have a master's in social issues doesn't even mean you're educated. It just means you went to college longer than many people.

If a man wants to laugh, he finds the company of other men. Women are not funny. Again, some of them THINK they are, and some think other women are, but they're not.

If a man wants a friend that he knows will bail him out of jail at 3 a.m., or better yet be there WITH him, he befriends another man. Women are completely self-centered, and won't do anything for anyone else without some kind of payout for themselves. This is (part of) why women don't have any TRUE friends. A man will help his friends move, loan them a car if theirs is broken, stand up for them if someone is trying to make trouble, even take a bullet for them. Women will do NONE of that.

if women raise their standards of who they share even their friendship with

How likely is this to happen? In a word, NOT. If they raised their standards, they would ONLY associate with men, because women are not capable of friendship, any more than they're capable of love. See above re: payout for themselves.

men will find it impossible to resist growing to meet them.

False. Not only are we not the ones that need to grow, but many of us find it quite easy to not to whatever it is that women are trying to demand of us this week. We're more than happy to tell the female population to piss off.

…but first men will become angry.

False. I've already said it, but I'll say it again: men don't want women as friends, because women aren't true friends. Therefor, men have no reason to try to meet these raised standards. And when (more like IF) women start to leave us the hell alone, we won't be angry: we will heave a great sigh of relief.

When that doesn’t work they will attempt whining.

False. Again with the projection. WOMEN are the ones who whine when they don't get exactly what they want. Men either FIND a way to get it, or change their goals.

When that doesn’t work they will try to negotiate.

False. Projection. When men see that there is no way to meet the demands being placed on them, they'll simply decide it's not worth it, and find some better use of their time.

When negotiating fails they will go back to anger disguised as passive aggressive silent treatment.

FALSE. Again, WOMEN are the ones that resort to the passive-aggressiveness when they don't get their way. If a man is giving you the 'silent treatment', it's simply because he doesn't have anything to say. Or, more likely (when dealing with women), there's no point in speaking because it will only be ignored anyway.

They will hold out for a short while and then attempt intensely personal insults.

FALSE. All the shaming articles and "Where Are The Good Men" articles out there should be proof enough that WOMEN are the ones who will resort to personal insults in an attempt to achieve their desired goals. All that "A REAL man would (insert action that only benefits women)" bulldrek, the not-even-bothering-to-veil-them insults in the "Where" articles, and any other crap these female 'writers' can throw into the piles of garbage that they call writing.

These cupcakes need to stick to their social work and cats.