Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Insanity Train is still rolling.

Do you ever wonder when the amount of insanity and sheer stupidity in Western societies will stop? We *have* to reach a tipping point sometime, right? Whether it's the long, slow march toward righting all the wrongs that have been inflicted on our societies by Marxism and its offshoots such as feminism, or a sudden collapse followed by (insert your apocalyptic vision here), things can't keep going the way they have been, and corrective action has to happen some day.

Well, that day isn't today. And probably not tomorrow. The day after, and the day after that, and the month (and year) after that aren't looking too good either.

Yet more proof of how mentally challenged American society has become

In summary:

A bunch of women were unhappy that they couldn't get jobs with the Chicago fire department, because *GASP* fire departments have physical standards that must be met in order to be a fireman. Fire hoses aren't garden hoses; they've got a little more weight to them. Add in the protective gear and SCBA that firemen wear, and it's easy to see why you need to be able to lift and carry a fairly heavy load. And we haven't even gotten to the part about breaking down doors to save people trapped inside, climbing ladders WHILE carrying the aforementioned heavy load, or carrying someone who's passed out from smoke inhalation.

But facts and logic only confuse women. Along with math, science, and finances/economics, they are just tools of the patriarchy, used to oppress 'deh poow wymminz'.

These women failed to meet the physical standards. So what did they do? Did they work out, aiming to improve their physical abilities by running with a heavy pack on and lifting weights?

They did things the "New American Way"....they sued the city of Chicago.

Yes, you read that right. They dragged the city into court because they weren't good enough and it huwt dewr widdle feewings.

So Chicago re-wrote the test to be "more accurate" (read: EASIER), and the whining non-hackers are going to get another go at it. And if they pass, they are to be given first priority for jobs.

But here's the kicker:
"Those who are not granted jobs, no longer want to apply or are ineligible will share about $2 million in damages, said Willenson."

"Those longer want to apply...will share about $2 million in damages".

Damages. Damages? WTF??? They were given an opportunity to take the test; they failed. They are NONHACKERS, there are no 'damages'.

Standards should never be lowered. They exist for a reason, especially in certain professions. Firefighter is definitely one of those professions. Is a 115 pound female, who has very little upper body strength precisely BECAUSE she's female, going to be able to throw a 230 pound smoke inhalation victim over her shoulder and carry them out of a burning building? Remember, she's already wearing/carrying probably 40-60 pounds of equipment/protective gear.

I truly doubt it.

This little gem from Sweden ought to give you some idea of where this situation is headed

ELEVEN TIMES LONGER to breach a door. Anyone on the other side is most likely going to be dead after that much time has passed.

Just more victims to be sacrificed on the altar of EOE gender equality feminism. Living burn victims and charred corpses are a small price to pay to advance the cause of cultural Marxism feminism. If the victims are men, it's cause for celebration; if they're not, well, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs, right?

How much longer until the Great Collapse? Soon? Please?!?