Monday, May 13, 2013

Does feminism actually encourage women to be lesbians until they start riding the cock carousel?

Yet another post inspired by a forum...

This time, someone posted a link from the NY Post about teenage girls creating moist spots in their panties over the suspect in the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

I'm going to be my usual straightforward self on this:

He looks like a bitch. It wouldn't surprise me if he wore girl pants and had a girl belt with all kinds of sparklies on it.

And these dumb little twats are going completely ape over him.

I'm reminded of the oldest stepmonster, before she turned into a total whore (at least, I'm pretty sure it was before that). She was the same way: she thought guys that wore girl pants, mascara, etc., were HAWT. She wasn't the only one her age, in the area, that was attracted to this type of 'guy', just the only one who lived in my house. Now I see this story that there are far too many (I don't know how many, nor do I give a shit) girls saying that the bombing suspect is HAWT.

It's a pretty common theme, girls thinking that effeminate males are 'hawt'. Sure, there are still the football sluts, and the sluts for musicians, and the regular old slut sluts, but it seems like the number of sluts being sluts for guys that look like girls has increased drastically.

Unless maybe they're not fucking them? I don't know. The stepmonster started out as a slut for musicians, then just went slut slut. She'd fuck anything with a hard dick, as long as he was dirty and didn't have a job or much chance at a future that didn't involve couch surfing at friends' homes or living in his car. Last time I saw her, she hadn't gotten over the effeminate male kick, though.

Thanks to the red pill, I understand a lot more about the nature of women. But I can't for the life of me remember anything about them being attracted to bitchmales. Thug cock, yes. Weaklings that they can sponge resources off of while fucking the thugs, yes. Males that look like females....not so much.

Are they all, deep down, lesbians until they start riding the cock carousel hard? Is that perhaps why the younger females really go for the creeps that wear girl pants?

If so, is this another thing we can lay squarely at the feet of feminism? Prior to feminism, a guy that wore girl pants and mascara would have gotten the shit kicked out of him. Right or wrong, that's just the way it was. If he didn't, he sure as hell wouldn't have had girls lined up by the hundreds to let him sniff their wet panties.

And yet, this bitchmale (who is accused of murdering several people, let's not forget) has them flocking to him for that very reason. He looks like he has a mop on his head, and he's got a weak, feminine face, and there are thousands of dumb twats who would throw themselves at him if they could.

It would be easy to say that it's because he's a criminal and women are fundamentally stupid, and that's why they're doing it. He's not a criminal until he's convicted, remember, though sadly I think we all know how this is going to turn out. "Fair trial" my ass, he's already been convicted, all that's left is Kangaroo Kourt and sentencing. Back on point, though, even if he wasn't a criminal, even if evidence had turned up that showed he was innocent of everything except overstaying a visa, and he was being held until he could be deported, I think we'd STILL see this kind of campaign from these dumb twats, simply because he's "hawt".

Since I don't make a habit of studying feminism, I don't know if it's minions are actively trying to get women to become fishmongers, but I DO think that all this "Girl don't need no man", "Girl you can do anything you want", "You GO grrrll!" and "Grrl pwrrr!" bullshit is having exactly that effect. Young females, who are even more impressionable than their older counterparts (and THAT is really saying something) hear these bullshit words, and maybe they're getting it in their heads that female traits and appearance are the ONLY traits and appearance that are desirable. Thus we see them thinking effeminate males are 'hawt'. Of course, after their hormones start really raging, they climb on the cock carousel and fuck any thug that comes along, but until they're into their ride, they go for bitchmales like the bombing suspect and all the dirty, girl pants-wearing, makeup-caking, pathetic excuse for a male dirtbags that the stepmonster used to "date".

Sometimes I'm really, really glad to be in my 30's. I'm really looking forward to that decreased libido that's supposed to happen any day now. It will be wonderful to not have ANY need or desire for women. Pretty much every day there's something else, something like the story in the Post, that proves once again everything I've learned about female nature and psychology over the last few months.

How many of us are looking forward to the invention of artificial wombs, and the Japanese perfecting their sex robots? My hand is in the air on that one. Those two inventions will spell the beginning of the end of human females. And neither of them can come soon enough.