Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WoolyBumbleBee Gets Canned.....GOOD!

A big thank you to CA at This is Why MGTOW for his helpful timeline. Saved me something like 6 minutes of my life!

Let me preface this by saying, I don't go to AVfM. My exposure to it is from conversations on MGTOW Forums. I most likely will never go to AVfM; if I do it will be to read something that was linked somewhere else and whoever posted the link was too lazy to post the entire thing. AVfM not only let's women join, they let them take positions like editor and such. Uh, no. Women have NO place in any kind of men's movement. None. At all. The vast majority of those currently 'involved' only do so because their son or grandson got fucked over, or because they are second wives and any money going into vagimony is money that THEY are not managing to loot from their sucker husband. The ATM doesn't spit out as much cash when someone else is getting a cut of all money placed into it.

So some of you are probably aware of the situation with this 'WoolyBumbleBee'. If you're not, just watch her videos on YouTube where she basically tries to shame the fuck outta MGTOW.

Oh, by the way: stop pronouncing it Mig-Tao, scumpouch. Christ on a fucking crutch, do you call the FBI the "FffBeeeEee"? No? Then don't turn this acronym into a word. Just. Fucking. Don't.

Well, apparently she opened her femimarxist mouth one time too many (Yes, I think it's likely she's some kind of plant....listen to the video, she manages to pull just about every femimarxist/female 'card' there is) , and pissed off enough people that Paul told her to take a flying fuck at a rolling hotdog.

Their conversation can be found here. (Yes, it's a link to This Is some more of his stuff while you're there, OK?)

Good on ya, Paul. We may not do not agree about a few very key things, but I give credit where due, and you earned it. You let the call go on FAR too long, but then, if you hadn't I also wouldn't have gotten all the lulz that I got from listening to her end of it.

Here's to the sacking of Wooly:

I'll raise a few of these this weekend to celebrate: