Friday, September 5, 2014

New Stuff on the way

Yes, there has been a lack of anything written for a while. Why? Because I'm living my life, on my terms, doing what I want, and I don't always feel like sharing every intimate detail.

Also, how many times can I say "I've been working, playing video games, drinking beer, fishing, lifting weights, hanging out, and just generally enjoying life"?

Ah, but it's not all "Same old, same old, this update is no update".

I have decided to bring a new feature to this blog.

I'm going to let a couple of guest writers contribute movie reviews.

Feminist. Movie. Reviews.

Yes, you read that right. Feminists are going to write movie reviews and I'm going to feature them here.

If you have a movie you'd like to see them review, feel free to comment. I can't make any guarantees that they WILL review it, since they'll probably just scream something about patriarchy and gender slavery if I make any kind of suggestions, but who knows? Sometimes, the sun even shines on a dog's ass, so maybe they'll run with your suggestions.

In the meantime, enjoy what's left of summer (for my friends in the northern hemisphere). I know I'm going to. This weekend looks like it's going to be beautiful, and I still have one fishing pole I haven't broken due to snagging sunken logs or whatnot, so you know what this weekend has in store for me.....