Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Videos I Want to Share With You

Let me just preface this by saying, I generally do NOT like rap. It has become just as much repackaged garbage bullshit as...well, most other lamestream music. Occasionally I'll hear a song I like, but it's pretty damn rare.

On the other hand, maybe rap is similar to metal, industrial, and electronica, in that you have to look to the so-called "underground" to find the good stuff? Before they get big and lamestream.

Well, are a couple videos that I want to share. Give them a watch. Yes, I realize the quality could be better. I doubt they were in a multi-million dollar recording studio when they made these songs.

The First One

The second one

For some reason it won't let me embed that one like it did the other one. Keeps saying "No video found".


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another thing I read that I'd like to share

I don't do as much surfing and reading as a great many of the people who are writing. I've got things I'd rather do, ya know? So a lot of times when I find something, it's because of a link somewhere that I go frequently. Such is the case here.

This is an older piece on The Spearhead, but I think I just now read it. And it's a great bit of writing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sixth Stage

The Sixth Stage
As anyone who’s studied psychology, even just in a “Let’s read some interesting stuff on the Interwebz” kind of way, most likely already knows, there are five recognized stages of loss and grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And they’re not necessarily consecutive, nor is each stage a “Once and done” kind of thing. That is to say, it’s possible to go from denial to depression, then to anger, or to drop from acceptance back into depression or anger.

When it comes to Red Pill Knowledge, I theorize the following:

  • ·         For many men, bargaining can be left out completely. They realize that there is no way to strike any kind of bargain. You can’t negotiate with hypergamy, or Briffault’s Law, or the Rationalization Hamster. These are concepts, not entities. Trying to bargain with them is like trying to strike a deal with the sun. And forget bargaining with women about ANYTHING. I’m sure any man who’s ever tried that can tell you how it works. You live up to your end, and they do what the hell they want to do, deals be damned.
  • ·         Denial tends to be brief once reality is accepted and the Matrix rejected. In my own experience, it lasted maybe 15 minutes from the time I searched Google for “Why are women such stuck-up bitches?”  I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but the more I read, the more EVERYTHING up til that point made sense.
  • ·         Anger is the phase most men stick with the longest, and when regression happens it is the stage most commonly regressed TO. This is understandable, in my opinion. You’ve been sold a heaping pile of lies your entire life, conditioned since birth to believe a fantasy and follow a life script that someone else wrote. And since most men unplug due to getting severely mauled by the divorce or false-allegations industries, they are understandably upset. Conditioning that continues for decades and is reinforced by everything around you every day is hard to shake off; a great many things, post-Matrix, serve as reminders of just how large the pile of lies truly is. Even after reaching acceptance, it’s still easy to be angered by further evidence of the truth. Double standards in the so-called “justice” system are one example that comes to mind easily, as is the continued disregard for men when it comes to divorce and child custody.
  • ·         Depression is probably the hardest stage to get out of. Why bother, when there’s no point? If everything is a lie, what’s the point of going on? This is the stage that will either destroy a man completely, or show him what he’s capable of. If he doesn’t turn to alcohol or drugs and kill himself slowly, or taste-test a shotgun or pistol and kill himself quickly, he might just come out the other side stronger and better. It’s HARD, so damned hard, to do, but I think most do, simply by virtue of the fact that they’re men, and even though most of society’s conditioning has been thrown off by this point, they still don’t want to be seen as weak, or quitters, or what have you.
  • ·         I think there exists a sixth stage (or fifth, if you discount bargaining): apathy. Not everyone reaches apathy, and those that do vary greatly in their level of it. Apathy is, in my opinion, the stage to aspire to. I think it also represents the final point in healing. This doesn’t mean that everything is all better now; rather, there will be no more healing. Anything that is going to scar up has.

I realized recently that I’m apathetic toward almost everything. It’s almost like my outlook on everything has become some variation of “Not My Problem” or “IDGAF (I don’t give a fuck)”. I enjoy my hobbies. I like my job. I hang out with my friends when I have a chance and feel like it (read: when I can stand to be around their females. So basically, not very often). Other than that, there really isn’t much I give a damn about.

I used to. I used to give a damn about a lot of things. I used to care about politics, liberty, the direction this country was going, all kinds of things. Now… I go fishing. I play video games. I read. I work out, or go for a run. I hang out with my brother. I go shooting.

What I DON’T do is give a fuck about much of anything that doesn’t directly impact my life. I’ll still get involved in discussions, especially on the Interwebz, but I think that’s mostly just some kind of mental exercise. When I boil it down to “Is this my problem?”, and the answer is “No”, then I go back to Not Giving a Fuck.

I especially don’t give a fuck when it comes to women. I can’t tell you the last time I even bothered to talk to one outside of work or them taking my order in a restaurant. The last time I saw one of my friends, his twat wouldn’t shut her mouth the entire time him and I were hanging out. I didn’t say one word to her. Didn’t even say hi when he introduced us. I would say it was like she was a yapping dog, but the fact is, I would at least acknowledge a dog. Let it sniff my hand so it can get to know me, maybe pet it a bit to calm it down, or throw a ball or share some beef jerky or something.

 Not so with her. I did ALMOST acknowledge her existence at one point, due to a snarky comment she made that I wanted very badly to respond to, but I was trying to be…eh, let’s go with “not completely fucking hostile”, just for my friend’s sake. Yes, we’ve been friends for 30 years, and consider ourselves brothers, but even most brothers are going to get upset when their brother says something like “Cunt, shut your fucking mouth, the humans are talking. (Insert brother’s name), put a leash and muzzle on your talking animal, or put it in the house, but I don’t want to hear its fucking yap again.” Maybe I’m not as fully into apathy as I thought I was before recalling that, since I didn’t say it out loud at the time. Or maybe I’m just making SOME attempt to not completely alienate my friend. I don’t know. Nor do I care to give it much thought, either.

I find that I don’t get as worked up over stories of men getting screwed by some dumb bitch or the System, or example of the Pussy Pass being issued, or a lot of the other topics you’ll see on one of the forums I frequent, as I used to. In fact, a lot of times I will look at the title, say IDGAF, and scroll right on by.

I don’t care to watch the news, or read the newspaper or news websites. It’s unimportant; IDGAF.

I just want to fish, work out, go shooting, and all of the rest of my hobbies and time-killers.

Life is so much more rewarding and stress-free now that I’ve accepted apathy. It’s like the line in the book/movie, “Fight Club”: “Only when we’ve lost everything are we free to do ANYthing.”  But with its own special twist. Only when we stop caring about everything are we free to enjoy ANYthing.

And enjoy I most certainly do. I’m enjoying the HELL out of life.

And I hope you are too.

To close this out, I’d like to share a video that I think is fucking hilarious:

Enjoy life, my friends!