Saturday, June 10, 2017

They're Talking You Down Because You Are Valuable

Yes, I've been away for a while. It was time to work on me. Or sink into a state of complete melancholy. Depending on which month you're talking about.

I'm going to try to get back to writing. I get distracted a lot lately. I've been meaning to get back to learning to play guitar, as well as teach myself calculus and read "Wealth of Nations" and a few other economics texts. Instead, I fuck off online and sometimes play video games. Oops.

I've gotten permission from the original author to share the following bit. Obviously I thought it was worth reading.

Credit goes to mongolking of mgtowhq forum.


We've all heard the term 'tire-kicker'. It's someone who's quietly trying to undermine your sense of value that you have of the motor you're trying to sell. You might think it's perfectly well worth, oh I dunno. 500 bucks. No matter what. The next guy along will kick the tires, slow right down, and say "I'll give you 200".

Oldest game there is. Man's got better things to do. So he yawns a little, breathes more slowly, and looks around to be sure there's no-one else around to hurry his pace. That's his worst enemy - someone else's assessment of your goods' value. Soon as it's clear he has the show to himself, it's all slowness and long reasons why you should sell out for less.

This is what we've all been subjected to for decades now. The Press and TV have been working together, because they well know their bills are paid by female readers and viewers, and the moment they pretend to be otherwise, they're broke. So that old game is played out on a daily basis. You're a bloke? No wife yet? There's something wrong with you. Maybe you're gay. Married? Thank your lucky stars some women took you off the shelf. Better look after her before she smartens up and gets what she's worth! A better deal! 

The courts are playing the same racket, so they're playing the same story. Wink, wink, say no more. Kick your tire, say you're worth so much less than your are. If they get it wrong, so what. If they get it right? Ha Ha! $50,000 a year to keep her in the manner she's accustomed! That'll teach yer!

It's all a talking story. Everything you hear about being a Peter Pan, or a lonely old bachelor, or some sad old bastard who can't catch a chick, think about how hard they'd try this if you were genuinely homeless and worth nothing. They wouldn't waste their breath. All their shaming means only one thing: you're worth something, and they want it without having to pay full price.


Men would do well to remember this. You are worth something, and your worth is not dependent upon your ability to gain access to a warm wet hole, nor your willingness to sacrifice yourself for other people. 

Do what you love, what interests you, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. Who gives a damn what anyone else thinks about it, or about you. Like the above says, if you were truly worth nothing, no one would waste their breath shaming you, or telling you what you 'ought to do', they'd just pretend you didn't exist.