Monday, May 6, 2013

Something I'd like to share with you all

On one of the forums I frequent, there are numerous posts that I think should be shared all over teh Interwebz, for whatever reason. A new way of looking at some of the issues we face, or very thought-provoking, uplifting, or just hilarious. I don't usually share them like I'd like to because I don't update this nearly as much as I'd like. Between not always having something to say that I think needs shared, work stuff, and my near-addiction to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, I don't write much on here, or even on the forums I visit. And that will likely get worse, since I just bought Borderlands 2. :) Oh yeah, and Battlefield 4 comes out this fall. That will put a serious dent in my free time, I already know it. Plus now that I can afford it, I've been spending more time fishing, and since I have money to replace any ammo I burn up I'll most likely be doing a lot of shooting over the coming months, and then there's hunting season in the fall....well, I'm sure you can see where this is going. I will make an effort to write more, though.

If you've given this page even a cursory reading, you most likely saw "Why Modern Women are Like the Wehrmacht". Well, here is another forum post in that same vein. This message (the 'feminism = Nazism' message) needs to be spread around the entire Interwebz. Maybe, just maybe, it will encourage a few people to think, and wake a couple of Coppertops up so they can begin unplugging themselves from the Matrix. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened, right?

And so, without further ado, I give you the writings of the poster known as fester....

Once upon a time, one of the most advanced (if not the most advanced) countries in Europe, having been plunged into bankruptcy and chaos, elected a cadre of evil people (politicians) who had a plan to take over the entire society, and control the people in it utterly and completely.

This cadre of politicians had new technology to suppress a large population; radio, mass media, movies, all of which came under the control of the state. There was no internet to balance things out, and if there was, you would probably be arrested for using it.

The first relatively small ethnic group was targeted as being the cause of all the people's ills, and they were endlessly paraded and blamed for everyone's problems, until widespread public hatred boiled over, and genocide of this hated minority was undertaken without a murmur of protest.

The government intruded more and more into the lives of the people until it became dangerous to even confide in a close relative that you had any reservations at all about what was going on.

Keep your head down and cheer with the crowd seemed to be a good survival strategy.

Other people are disappearing? Just be glad it's not you.

We all know the disaster that befell that society, after taking along with it millions of lives, and the cities and treasures of that civilization should never have been destroyed.

That was eighty years ago. Now we men (or at least a good percentage of us) are being held up by the government and media as a problem. We are rapists (or potential rapists), swine, lowdown stupid troglodytes who cannot be trusted near women or children.

We must have our livelihoods, money, actions and even our thoughts and opinions controlled by State Law.

And the laws grow more unfair and misandrist with every passing day.

Men and boys are becoming, by design, the new hated minority in our modern era. We are being designated so by a small (numerically) but powerful lobby who hates us, and wishes to destroy us as the last bulwark against total control...of everyone.

Impossible, you say? It has already happened, and not just in Nazi Germany. And it can/will happen again. The template is there, the technology is even more advanced.

Why do you think there are so many laws targeting men? Why is the propaganda drumbeat so incessant? Why are even boys targeted for mental, emotional and financial dissipation? Why do the PTB want to disarm everyone? Why are all the manufacturing jobs being sent to other countries? Why are the good excoriated and the bad celebrated in the Media?

Do you think it is all just mistakes, that there is a "greater good" behind all of this jockeying for control?

No. It is being done. Slowly, deliberately, over years. The older of us will be gone in a few decades, the new generations will be more pliable, as they have been indoctrinated since toddlerhood by feminist mothers, teachers, social scientists, school psychologists, mass media, the whole rotten system in it's entirety.

I'm ending this rant with a link to a YT video on how the Nazi party used modern propaganda and mass media techniques to jockey themselves into control of a modern technologically advanced country of eighty million souls. I'm not embedding this video, because it deals with a touchy subject, if this is inappropriate, mods please delete.

I guess my point is that we are not immune from this happening again.

The Power of Nazi Propaganda