Monday, January 11, 2016

Silly Hitlerites

So recently, through two separate sources, I found links to a madman on YouTube who basically blames MGTOW for the muzzies raping a bunch of German women.

My mind is full of fuck.

Mind you, I can't watch more than about 3 seconds of any of this clown's videos, because he's annoying as hell. He starts off screaming, and from what others have said it only goes downhill from there.

But I simply can't wrap my mind around how it could possibly be the fault of men who don't want to get married, many of whom won't even date, and who (generally) disengage from society to whatever extent they want to and are capable of.

Maybe at this point I should mention that this clown is a Hitlerite. One of those "Save teh wyte rase frum duh EVUL JOOZ!" types. Anyone that doesn't march in goosestep with them is automatically a tool of DUH EVIL JOOZ! and a candidate for 'cleansing' on the "Day of the Rope".


Those powerless little twits are NEVER going to get their "Day of the Rope", RaHoWa, or any of the rest of that drek. They're dreaming, living in a fantasy land.

The guy in the videos has Marine Corps dress blues hanging on the wall behind him. White knight manginas, especially Hitlerite white knight manginas, make me ashamed to admit I ever wore that uniform. I would say that this is something his command probably needs to know about, so they can court martial him and kick a Hitlerite out of the Corps, but I'm guessing he's already discharged, based on his lack of a shave.

I read a lot of the comments to the videos. Some of them made me laugh, some made me disgusted, and others made me think.

I don't call myself MGTOW, because I don't like to label myself. I don't like when others label me, either. Labels make it easy for the weak minded to categorize you and disregard anything you might say or do.

Among the things that I got to thinking about because of the comments were race and Islam.

I have a friend that I've known for a couple years. He's a great guy. We get along well, respect each other, have good conversations, etc. He's almost like another brother to me.

And he's black. African, to be precise. As in, from Africa. And he's a Muslim.

Back in November, things ended between me and the woman I'd been seeing for a few months (since about a week or so after things ended with the other one I'd been seeing....). She was pretty good to me, but I wasn't walletslave enough for her. She actually told me I was the biggest asshole she'd ever dated. And when she said she felt like I don't respect women, I laughed and said "That's because I don't." There were some other things, too, but that's not the point. This was actually one of the better relationships I've had, overall. There was still no way in hell I was going to wife her up, or live with her, or even be with her for years and years, but it was pretty good while it lasted.

She was half white, quarter Mexican, quarter black.

Some of the guys at work that I've gotten along with the best are Mexican. Same thing when I was in the military.

My ex wife is white. The girl who said I was her daughter's father, who lied to her kid about it for 14 years until a DNA test proved otherwise, is white. The girl I was with before this last one, who resurrected something inside me that I thought was dead, only to kill it again when she decided she needed to hop back on the Cock Carousel, is white.

I'm not seeing some great need to identify with an ethnic group, to use my skin as a uniform.

People are people. There are good people and bad people of every race/ethnicity/whatever term you want to use.

No matter what the Hitlerites say.

And this shit going on in Germany....I'm sorry, Gerabia? They have only themselves to blame. If you believe that the electoral process works and is honest (I don't), they elected the politicians that created the current situation. Even if you don't believe that the process is honest, they have allowed the politicians to remain in office and keep making laws. They haven't taken back their country from the politicians and their minions. They also allowed feminists to run amok, fucking up everything they touched, and demonizing men to the point that there are very damn few men left in Europe any more. There are a lot of males, genetically speaking, but they act more like women. And even THEY get demonized. Well, when you tell someone for 50 years that they're bad, useless, stupid, violent, et cetera et cetera, why would you then expect that they will fight FOR the very people who've been abusing them? There are now, what, three entire generations of men and teenage boys that have never known anything BUT feminsim? Maybe two and a partial?

They've been treated like a dog their entire lives. Beaten by everyone, every institution, every level of .gov, the media. Why would anyone think that they would jump in to 'save' one of their tormentors?

The Hitlerites think that they can get women back under control, get them to stop being hypergamous whores, undo 50 years of feminism, and have the Fifties Fantasy. It's not going to happen. You can't put the shit back in the horse.

I swear, every day there is something else that makes me shake my head, chuckle (because sometimes ALL you can do is laugh), and thank the gods that none of this is my problem any longer.

Stay single and don't become a Hitlerite (or any other racial 'nationalist'), my friends.