Monday, March 3, 2014

Why ghosting is easy for me

When I first found the Manosphere, one of the first sites I found was Luckily I didn't decide to waste my life with activism or go to a couple of the sites that I see are now at the top of that page (women have no place speaking on men's issues. NONE). I started reading about MGTOW, and I saw the various levels according to that site.

I remember thinking that much as ghosting would solve a LOT of problems, I doubted I'd ever be able to do it. I like sex too much, and I still enjoyed the company of a woman that wasn't AWALT. Or thought I did, anyway. But AWALT actually does mean they are ALL 'like that'.

There's ways to deal with the sex drive, which I won't get into here. Opinions differ, and what is OK for some may cause others to think they want to throw out some shaming bullshit. I have nothing against using escorts, I just haven't done so myself. It's more been a matter of finances than anything else. Sticking my dick in a smelly disease hole is a lot lower on my list of priorities than, say, getting my car paid off. And before anyone even thinks it, they are ALL smelly disease holes. Hell, you've probably got a better chance of NOT catching something by renting pros than by picking up bar skanks. The pro needs to keep her money-maker clean, after all. The rest of them have no such incentive.

Anyway, I thought ghosting was something I could strive for, but most likely never actually achieve. Then I stopped attempting to date (read: fuck), stopped even interacting with females that weren't related to me or service-industry drones, started concentrating on my hobbies. And the quality of my life, and enjoyment of it, increased dramatically. I didn't really realize that I was ghosting until I'd been doing it for a few months.

What seemed at first to be very difficult turned out to actually be one of the easiest things I've ever done.

To be fair, a lot has to do with where I live. Actually, that probably has more to do with it than anything else. I live in a state with a lot of room for you to do whatever you want. And few enough people that you can generally do so without bumping elbows with anyone else. When I went to visit my friend in the People's Republik of Kommiefornikate, he didn't believe me at first that sometimes I just pull off the road and shoot rocks. Then when he came up here, I showed him.

Our streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes have almost a hundred species of fish, according to Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. This is important to me.

You can ski, ride dirt bikes or four-wheelers, go horseback riding, boating, float the rivers, hike, camp, just hang out at the lake or river, visit ghost towns, check out local museums or festivals, drop in to a brewery (there are something like 45 of them in the state) or distillery (almost a dozen, I think?) for a couple of pints or a shot, spend time in a city without the crushing sense of BLAH that you'd get in Na Yak Shitty, Chicongo, LA, etc. Ok, the crushing sense of BLAH that *I* get in big cities. Or just take a drive and enjoy the scenery.

We've got plenty to do here, beautiful countryside....and T.H.E. ugliest women in the country. And considering how American women are T.H.E. ugliest women in the world, that's really saying something.

Fat chicks galore. Single mother smorgasbord. Entitlement attitudes. Check, check, and check. But that's everywhere. We also have a lot of 'cowgirls', which are generally absolutely fucking SMOKIN'....until they hit about 19 or 20. The Wall comes for cowgirls earlier than most females. Ranch work is tough, and its tougher when your body wasn't designed to do it. It ages them, quickly and BADLY.

Now, this post wouldn't be complete without proof, so here it is. Keep in mind, I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I even consider myself to be a talented amateur, and I'm using an inexpensive digital camera to take these. And yes, I do have a "thing" for taking pictures with bodies of water in them. Most of them are taken either while fishing or while on my way to where I'm going to fish. Some of them are pics I found online, because I'm not even close to being a wildlife photogrrapher.

The Scenery
(These I personally took)

Some Wildlife

(Internet photo)

(I took this one)

(I took this one)

(And those three)

(Not this one. The pics I have with pike have me holding the 
fish, and I don't feel like editing myself out. Also I 
don't have good photo editing software)

For more pictures of the wildlife we have here, Google the following: rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, lake trout, cutthroat trout, bass, perch, catfish, crawdad, sturgeon, walleye, saugger, mule deer, whitetail deer, moose, antelope, gray wolf, mountain lion, wolverine, coyote, black bear, grizzly bear, bobcat, jackrabbit, beaver, porcupine, lynx, bison, know what, let's make this easy. Go to Wikipedia, and search for mammals of Montana, fish of Montana, and birds of Montana. That way you get to see not only game species, but also non-game species.

Go ahead and look some of those up. Oh, and go back up and enjoy the pictures I shared. You're going to want to before you go any further.

Now keep all that beauty in mind when you scroll down.

Keep in mind, I found pics of ABOVE AVERAGE females here, from different parts of the state. Regardless of what you may hear from other places, Plenty of Fat and OKStupid are actually very good representations of what we have here. Hell, what I found when I went to dredge up pictures of the creatures here were mostly above average compared to what I've personally seen. Bozeman and Missoula are probably a little better as far as selection goes, since there are so many college students from other places there. So you'll get "national average" instead of  "In the name of all that is good and holy, KILL IT WITH FIRE!", which is the average here.

And now, without further ado....

The Creatures

Two creatures for the price of one!

Three! Three creatures for the price of one! Bwa-ha-ha!

I'm pretty sure I know this one. In addition to being a single mother, she has a rather disgusting
habit that guarantees I would never try to even pump & dump. I have no desire to get AIDS.

The fattest one of the pics I'm sharing...and she's right around average as
far as female weight goes

This one...what a winner. In addition to looking pissed off, her profile absolutely screams

These nasty critters, or those beautiful mountains? Shitty, entitled attitudes, or a relaxing hike? False domestic violence/rape charges and/or catching an incurable STD, or the fight of a Northern Pike? The expense, stress, and drama of someone that brings nothing to the table and does nothing to enrich your life, or the thrill of hunting an elk, moose, bear, wolf, or mountain lion? Whining, nagging, bitching, and attention-whoring, or a day on the lake or river?

Hmmm, tough choice. Would I rather enjoy a pizza or rub a running chainsaw against my ballsack?

And now you have some idea of why it's just so damn easy for me to ghost. 

Stay single, my brothers!