Monday, June 19, 2017

No Country for Free Men

Recently I've watched a couple videos on YouTube from MGTOW Is Freedom. They're long, a lot longer than I normally would bother with, but I had the time so I figured 'Why not?'. The guy doesn't pull any punches, that's for sure. He talks very similar to the way I do. Check his videos out.

Anyway, in one of the videos, he mentions an email he got a from a guy that went to China because his ex and her parents used their power and influence to cost him his job and get him sent to jail for back child support. Rather than go to jail, he got on a plane.

John (MGTOW Is Freedom) talks about this situation, but the thing that really stuck in my mind was when he said that the man had to abandon his family, his children, and his country.

His country.

Knowing how this cuntry and its inhabitants regard most men, and the laws that are distinctly anti-male, I have to ask, "Was it ever *his* country?"

In my opinion, no.

He was a sixth-class citizen from the moment he started to develop male sexual organs while still in the womb. At birth, he was conditioned to believe a heap of lies. Everything he was told was false. He was given a script to follow, and punished if he ad libbed or improvised. He was considered nothing more than a work donkey, cannon fodder, a sperm bank, and an ATM. He was convinced to wife up some bitch, because that's what you do. Have kids, because that's what you do. And then, once his usefulness to his ex was depleted, he was robbed by her with the assistance of the System. He was punished with onerous Mommy's Party Fund Support, which the Kangaroo Kourt wouldn't lower even though he had no way to pay (thanks to his ex and her parents causing him to lose his job, without any consequences to themselves of course). And when he couldn't pay the extortion, he was threatened with imprisonment. (Side note: This is one of many places where the System treats men and women FAR differently. A woman who won't pay her child support will get a finger wagged at her by a judge; a man who literally CAN'T pay, because it was set higher than his income, will be locked up. Fucking equality.) His choices were thus go to prison for something that was essentially beyond his control, and was worthy of being locked up for only because the government SAYS so (unlike actual crimes, like murder, assault, arson, know, something where there is a victim), OR, leave his home, never to return. John said "abandon his country".

I don't know about you, but I won't take ownership in a cuntry that treats me like shit. This is not MY country; I have no country. No country I would be willing to take part in would treat me like I'm lower than a stray dog, just because I'm a man. No country that I'd claim my own would treat me the way men are treated in the US. No country worthy of calling 'mine' would elevate women far above their actual value, and give them all kinds of special privileges and unearned, limitless power, and not hold them accountable for their own actions.

This isn't my country.

And apparently, the man who sent the email decided it wasn't his, either.

More power to him.

More men need to realize this isn't their country. It's the political class's country. It's the banksters' country. It's the ultra rich's country. It's women's country.

It's not a country for men.

It's made its opinion of us well known. And it's time we returned the treatment we've gotten. It's time we said "You know what, fuck you. I'll be damned if I'll do anything for you." It's time we gave back to this country exactly what we've gotten from it: nothing but demands and abuse.

If you can find a way to reduce your tax burden, you should do so. If you can show another man how to break his chains and flee the plantation (without putting yourself in any kind of risk, with the law or at work), you should do so. If you can give back to women some of what they've given to you, I say you ABSOLUTELY should do so.

This isn't your country. There is no country for free men. Your country is within you, it's your house or apartment (or cabin in the woods, camper trailer, whatever). These lines, drawn on a map, owned by the ultra rich and governed by the political class, this is no country for free men. Or ANY men, really. It's a place for slaves.

This story John relayed wasn't the first time I'd heard of a man leaving his home and going to a different land, never to return, because of the Kourt and its edicts. I think this is becoming more common, especially among those who already have contacts and time on the ground in other places due to work. And I think that it will be something that happens more often, as the System squeezes the few men still willing to try marriage for every last drop of blood it can wring out of them. Granted, it won't be the schlubs who drive trucks or weld steel all day that leave (or will it....?), not for a long while anyway. But they're generally the men that women desire the least anyway, so their chances of remaining divorce-free (by remaining marriage-free) are probably better than the men who have to travel to China, or Europe, or South America, or wherever, for business anyway.

Time will tell.

No matter how things go, I wish the best to any man that manages to escape this collection of lines on a map.

Stay single, my friends.


  1. There is good sense is working to get a passport for
    another country...even if its some strange "micro-state"
    somewhere so long as the UN recognizes it. Sad but very
    true that a US passport is a LIABILITY now...I only keep
    mine as extra ID for HR. I have a Dad who is a Vietnam
    Vet...some of his buddies made one way trips. But...his
    country is NOT my country any more.

    1. You're absolutely right, a US passport is a liability. Every free man should work on getting citizenship in a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US, and then get a passport from THAT country.

      Thank your father for his service for me please. The Vietnam vets got such a raw, shitty deal it boggles the mind.